Stardust Classics - 4 books set

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Book 1- Laurel and the Lost Treasure

Rumors of hidden gold and jewels tempt Laurel and her friends on a quest into the Great Forest. Their hunt takes them to the mysterious Deeps, where the air talks! That turns out to be just one of the mysteries awaiting them. For the friends find another treasure hunter haunting the Deeps. He's less than eager to share his discoveries. Or the surprising story of his past.

Book 2 - Alissa, Princess of Arcadia

Learning how to be queen has many rewards. But Princess Alissa still finds herself wishing for a little excitement. That wish is soon granted when a mysterious teacher appears and gives her a quest. The quest turns dangerous when Alissa's father, King Edmund, invites a castle full of guests to the signing of a peace treaty. But one of them is secretly planning to ruin everything. Can Alissa spot the traitor in time to save her kingdom?


Book 3 - Kat the Time Explorer

Ten-year-old Kat is excited about spending a year with her aunt Jessie. Her excitement turns to amazement when she discovers that Jessie is working on a time machine. Soon the two are sent spinning back to London in 1851. They're thrilled to learn they've arrived during the Great Exhibition, the first world's fair. But the adventure turns into a wild search when the time machine is lost. Without it, they're stuck in the past!

Book 4 - Kat and the Missing Notebooks

In Renaissance Italy, Kat tries to get a young artist apprenticed to Leonardo da Vinci. But her scheme is derailed by the theft of da Vinci's notebooks -- which she shares blame for. And more than her friend's career is at stake. Unless Kat finds the books, a spy may execute an evil plot and a masterpiece may be lost.

 From the original Stardust Collection, discontinued since 2002 and highly collectable.