The Magic Moonstone

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The Magic Moonstone from Carpatina Books A time travel story that will enchant any reader.

"The legend tells that in a mystical castle, a mighty dragon kept a powerful gem a Moonstone that controls the balance of time. While Zephyr, a rare blue dragon protected the Moonstone. 
The castle was guarded by a powerful wizard Ahmal, who was chosen by Zephyr and entrusted to fortify Castle Moonstone and guard it from the mortal world. Long ago, an invading army sieged the old castle and employing the services of Damion, a skilled dark magician who tried to breach the walls and claim the fortress for their own. But by Ahmal's protective magic, a spell of invisibility shrouded Castle Moonstone from human eyes. Many years later, the dark magician was able to defeat Ahmal's protective magic enter the castle stealing the Moonstone and imprisoning Zephyr."

Join Cordelia and her friends - a young nun and a street performer - on her quest to rescue a dragon, free a prince and restore the stolen Moonstone kept hidden in the Medieval fortress of Sighisoara.

 Prince Stephan is the hero in the book and is sold - HERE

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