Doll Care

Doll Care

Caring for your Carpatina Doll

Hair: Brush gently with a wire-bristle brush. Wash hair by following instruction for advanced hair care below, carefully brush, style and air dry. Do not use heat on your doll’s hair. Do not immerse doll in water.

Skin: Hand wash with warm water and gentle soap. Always air dry.

Clothing: We recommend professionally dry-cleaning on your doll clothes. You may also hand wash in cool water with mild soap.

Dolls are made of high quality hard vinyl. The hair is synthetic wig, easy to style, eyes are open/close.

Carpatina Dolls are made in compliance with the new child safety laws and they are free of lead paint, phthalates and free of latex.
We are making available the results for these tests:

Courtesy of the Just Magic Dolls website, here are a few very helpful links:
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For doll repairs, restringing or re wigging, we recommend the professional services provided by TLC Doll Hospital.
We are not affiliated with TLC so, you need to contact them directly for any inquiries. Click on image for details: