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PATD44 ~ Japanese Kimono and Obi Sash
The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment, and the national dress of Japan. It is a T-shaped, wrapped-front garment, and is worn left over right. It is usually worn with an obi belt, alongside a number of other accessories, such as shoes (zōri) and socks (tabi). Kimono range in variation from extremely formal to very casual. The formality of a woman's kimono is determined mostly by pattern placement, decoration style, fabric choice and color.
Obi is a sash for the traditional Japanese kimono dress. Originally, all obi were narrow ribbon like sahes and tied in the front. As obi grew wider the knots grew bigger, and it became cumbersome to tie the obi in the front. In the end of the 17th century obi were mostly tied in the back with knots.
These days, a woman's knot often does not keep the obi in place as much as it functions as a large decorative piece in the back. There are many different types of women's obi in various lengths and widths. There are also many types of decorative knots and they often represent flowers or birds.
Tsuke obi with ready-made knots are gaining in popularity today. Our kimono features a separate bow attached to the tsuke at back.
Hair Style: The hair is generally pulled up and decorated with ribbons or hair sticks.

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Pattern multi-sized for two popular 18" Dolls Sizes 
~ for American Girl Dolls and
~ for the slim Carpatina Dolls and Kidz n Cats
This professionally made sewing pattern includes photos and instructions.

Difficulty Level: Medium 

Materials Needed
• 3/4 yard fabric for Kimono
• 1/4 yard fabric for sash
• 1/2 yard contrast fabric for trims
• 1 yard cord for sash
• Optional ribbons & jewels to decorate
• Matching thread

Carpatina patterns are intended for personal use. They can also be used for small scale business as long as you credit us for the pattern design such as "Made using a Carpatina Pattern" listed on your websites, Ebay or similar selling sites.