Robin Hood Outfit for 18 inch Boy Dolls

Robin Hood Outfit for 18 inch Boy Dolls

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He was the first to step out of the forest. Effortlessly he raised his bow, blocking their horses. Then five others flowed from the trees to join him. And Marion finally put a face to a name: Robin Hood. He knew them as well. Bishop, he announced. Sheriff. Then his eyes swept to her, Milady Marion? he asked. She nodded. Not her choice of company, she wanted to explain. Her father had insisted that she be part of this welcome party for the bishop. Suddenly the urge was there-to stand by Robin, dressed in a simple forester's tunic, comfortable boots. To stand with the confidence of being and doing right. Then the trap snapped shut. With a shout, the sheriff summoned his own men hidden in the woods. And the sheriff raised his bow, taking aim at Robin. Almost without thought, Marion chose her side. Nudging her horse forward, she jostled the flank of the sheriff's mount. The arrow meant for Robin buried itself in a tree. It was enough of a distraction. Robin gathered his men and they slipped away into the forest. 

CART1 - Robin Hood Outfit
Includes: green tunic, hood, black shirt, black tights, leather boots and brown matching belt.

Archery Accessories sold separate
Carter 18" Boy Doll sold separate

Fits 18" Slim Carpatina Boy Dolls.
Will NOT Fit American Girl Boy Dolls! 

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