Hampton Court Doll Clothes

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How to tell a prince no? And such a prince!
Henry was little given to listening and much accustomed to having his own way.
Yet Emma was determined that she would not remain at court, no matter how the prince barked. She appreciated the prince's affection for her wit and loyalty. But she was set on going with her father to Spain, where he was to serve as ambassador. Today was her chance. The prince was to visit them at their estate. Away from his fawning courtiers, Emma might make him hear.
Atop a hill, the party dismounted. The prince loosed his bird first. Then Emma's turn came and she flung her arm into the air. The party watched as the bird soared, then dipped, finally returning to her arm.
"Very lovely," Henry murmured. Emma was aware that his eyes were sweeping over her. She'd carefully picked this dress, fashioned of gold brocade and richly embroidered at her slender throat and waist. Transparent ruffs at her neck and sleeves gave the gown a soft finish. She knew the prince favored her in this dress above all others.
"She is lovely indeed, Your Highness," Emma replied, deliberately misunderstanding. "But so are most creatures that are allowed to fly where their hearts lie." 

Hampton Court Outfit 
Includes: Gold brocade gown & matching shoes