Yellow Splendor Ball Outfit

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By the edge of the brook, Isabella pauses. Nothing disturbs the quiet of this glade except the soft breeze and soothing splash of water. Isabella kneels and places three wild roses in the stream. Then as they drift away, she prepares for her visitor. Softly she hums as she draws more roses from her drawstring bag. One she pins to the strap of her buttery yellow chiffon dress. Two more she hangs from the belt that circles her waist. The rest she weaves into an elegant crown for her hair. Finally Isabella rises, shaking out the full folds of her dress, sending sparkles through the gold organza lining. She moves to the center of the glade and lays one last rose in front of her. For a long time Isabella waits, never doubting. Finally she hears it: the sound of tiny bells that quickly draws near. Shyly a silver horn breaks from behind the blackberry bushes. Then a hoof, a beautiful head and a mane crested by three wild roses. "Welcome, my friend," Isabella whispers. And into the glade, the unicorn steps to greet her. 

I0002 ~ Yellow Splendor ~ Outfit for slim Carpatina dolls 
Includes: Dress, Belt, Shoes, Hair Decoration and Bag 

Ages 8+

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