Pink Romance Outfit

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Isabella stared up at the gated mansion and sighed. There would never be another ball like this one for Prince Orlov. But now she was not to attend-all because she had left her invitation in the carriage that had long ago sped off.
Isabella gazed down at her dress and sighed again. It had seemed the perfect choice for this special night. The cut of the gown was simple: elegant thin shoulder straps, a closely fitted waist bond by a satin belt and a lovely full skirt. But the material was exquisite: the finest pink lace, sprinkled with silver seed beads and rhinestones, lined in pink satin. For jewelry, she'd chosen a delicate strand of silver beads, with a matching tiara.
"And why should such a pretty dress make a fair lady so sad?"
Startled, Isabella glanced up to find a cloaked man smiling at her. Shyly and with some embarrassment, she explained.
"Ah, I thought this might be yours. It does match your dress." And so saying, the stranger drew from beneath his cloak a pink satin bag with dangling rhinestones.
Isabella smiled in return. "Oh, sir, how can I ever thank you?"
"Perhaps by accompanying me?" the stranger suggested. "With such a lovely lady beside me, my hosts might forgive me. It's bad manners to be late-especially if you're the guest of honor." 

I0004 ~ Pink Romance ~ Outfit for slim Carpatina dolls 
Includes: Pink lace gown lined with satin, Beaded hairpiece, Necklace, Pink long gloves, Satin Bag with beads strap, Satin belt with bow, Silver sandals 

Isabella doll has been retired. Here is our new blonde doll Zoe