Accolade Lady Doll Clothes

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The tournament today was no ordinary one. While the knight fought for title of Champion, Gwyneth's father, the King, was seeking a champion of a different sort. Today he was reviewing which combatant might be her husband. He must be strong, brave, and forthright, he'd declared.
Dressed in her finest gown, a white satin with gold embroidery, Gwyneth had played her role as Queen of the Tournament. Now in the final match, she watched as Sir Hector, best knight in the kingdom, battled a newcomer, Gareth. Amazingly, Gareth was holding his own. In fact, he'd begun to prevail.
Suddenly Sir Hector's horse stumbled, treading in a hole left by a previous combat. It was enough to throw Hector-and let Gareth slip from his own horse. One touch of his sword to Hector's neck and Gareth would win. No, Gwyneth prayed. Hector is so proud, such a good knight. He doesn't deserve to lose this way.
If was as if her thoughts stirred Gareth's own. He lifted his head to the dais where she sat. Gently she shook her head.
As if exhausted, Gareth let his sword slip. Sir Hector seized the moment to climb to his feet. The two were once again on equal footing.
Softly her father asked, And do you think Sir Gareth will win? 
Gwen turned to him. He already has, she assured him. Her father smiled. I agree. 

I0008 ~ Accolade Outfit for Carpatina Dolls 
Long white dress with gold lace overskirt and back closure with snaps
~ Jeweled Belt
~ White satin shoes
~ Gold Hair Decoration