Julia 18 inch Slim Doll

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The Middle Ages, the Renaissance and that lovely mythic era that fairy tales describe. Those are the ages that fascinate Julia. She dreams of brave knights, fair ladies, lordly monarchs and mysterious advisors-with perhaps a dragon or two-who inhabit a time that's never been and has always been. Lively brown eyes and a glowing complexion reveal her imaginative mind and venturesome spirit. 

J0000 ~ Julia Doll 
~ Collectible doll, 18" slim all vinyl body, Kanekolan wig, closing eyes
~ Knee-length brocade dress, trimmed with delicate velvet belt, Underwear & Matching Shoes 
~ Blue Presentation Box and tag with care instructions

Ages 8+ 

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UK customers can buy Julia from our exclusive distributor - My Doll Best Friend

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