Avalon Maiden Doll Clothes

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"You must not let this sword be taken from you. The one who wields it will conquer all. Many will try to seize it. But you must give your breath, your very heart before you ever yield this sword. "
So Julia had been told by the Sisterhood that guarded the mysterious blade. And she had done as they bid. For even those who would use force found that the Julia, the Maid of Avalon, knew how to use the weapon she guarded.
Now she watched yet another claimant enter the chamber where the blade was kept. He strode to the wall where the blade hung and studied it. Not a fool, bully, or thief, Julia decided. Which did not change what she must do. She stepped into the light. "It is a sword to be respected, sir. Leave it where it rests."
He turned to look at Julia, his glance warming as he took her in. Like the sword she guarded, Julia was robed in gold and wine. Round her arms, waist, and neck, gold trim sparkled against the sweep of her wine-colored velvet gown. That same gold shone in the delicate circlet upon her hair. "Maid of Avalon," the knight whispered. "I came for the blade, but have found my sword bearer. I would not have one without the other."
It could not be. Julia knew her duty. To guard the sword, even if she had to give her breath, her heart.
And then the Sisterhoods' words came to her again. This gentle knight had taken away Julia's breath. Taken her very heart. And in response to her thoughts, the sword suddenly glowed brighter than ever before.
Julia smiled and presented the blade. "I yield it to you, sir-and my hand. For I find they were always meant to be yours." 

J0004 ~ Maiden of Avalon 
Includes: Velvet gown , gold headpiece & velvet shoes