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PATD38 ~ 1600s Versailles Coat

When Louis came to the throne in 1643, the fashion capital of the world wasn’t Paris, but Madrid.
Louis XIV set out to change that. The furniture, textile, clothing, and jewelry industries he established not only provided jobs for his subjects, but made France the world’s leader in taste and technology.
Louis also transformed Versailles—a hunting lodge buried in the countryside 12 miles from Paris—into a showplace for the best of French culture and industry; not just fashion but art, music, theater, landscape gardening, and cuisine.
A strict code of court dress and etiquette ensured a steady market for French-made clothing and jewelry.
Fashions, changed seasonally in France. Not only was the fashion industry enriched by the constant updating of wardrobes, but the French tended to get bored if a trend lasted too long.
In the highly regimented and specialized haute couture industry, artificial flowers, embroidery, tapestries, buttons, and even fans continue to be handmade using the traditional skills and techniques passed down from the 17th century.

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Pattern multi-sized for two popular 18" Dolls Sizes 
~ for American Girl Dolls and
~ for the slim Carpatina Dolls and Kidz n Cats
This professionally made sewing pattern includes photos and instructions.

Difficulty Level: Medium 

Materials Needed
- 1/3 yard main fabric 
- 1/3 yard lining
- Matching thread
- 1/2 yard lace trim

James Doll   Versailles Coat - Multi-Sized Pattern PDF or Print   Stephan Versailles Coat - Multi-Sized Pattern PDF or Print. Boots Versailles Coat - Multi-Sized Pattern PDF or Print Dress FormVersailles Coat - Multi-Sized Pattern PDF or Print

Carpatina patterns are intended for personal use. They can also be used for small scale business as long as you credit us for the pattern design such as "Made using a Carpatina Pattern" listed on your websites, Ebay or similar selling sites.

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