Louis & Emma Versailles Bundle

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Louis Doll is Historical Outfit and Additional Exchangeable Wig - $168
Emma Doll in 1600's Gold Linen Outfit & Shoes - $130

Emma's Contemporary Peach Linen Dress & Sandals - $32
#E0000 - Emma Bundle - $162
#L1400 - Louis Doll - $168
Total: $330

All natural fiber materials and recyclable packaging.
Many historically accurate elements in the design of this outfit are preserved but the construction has been minimally modified for easy change of clothing.

Read each dolls individual descriptions for complete descriptions and details.

Emma's carriage traveled for hours over rolling hills of tall 
grass and across narrow bridges spanning winding streams. 
Starlight trimmed the darkened landscape, throwing mantles of silver over the shoulders of black trees and rising bluffs. As she drew near the Town of Versailles, the Chateau beckoned with its glowing white towers. 
Emma stepped out of the carriage and followed the central footpath through the royal gardens until she came to a large fountain with statues rising from the water. She brushed aside tiny droplets that hovered around her like jewels dangling from unseen webs. Then the magic happened. The water has stopped.
Emma had a thought - "has time stopped" !

These dolls are appropriate for Ages 8+

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