Caraco and Fichu PDF Pattern

Caraco and Fichu PDF Pattern

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PATD06 ~ Caraco and Fichu ~ PDF Pattern to download and print
Pattern includes components in two popular 18" Dolls Sizes: 
~ for American Girl Dolls and
~ for the slim Carpatina Dolls 
Make it yourself using this professionally made paper pattern including photos and instructions for making the late 18th century style Caraco jacket and the Fichu (scarf) pictured above.

A caraco is a mid-thigh long jacket with a fitted back and the skirts usually have inverted box pleats at the back, often pressed but sometimes left loose. Caracos typically have 3/4 length sleeves and close with lacings, pinned to a stomacher, with "flaps" that hook across a stomacher, or edge-to-edge by hooks. They were low cut so a Fichu was needed for additional coverage. 

Difficulty Level: Medium 

Materials Needed
- 1/3 yard main fabric
- 1/4 yard lining
- 1 yard of 1/4"_ wide ribbon trim
- 1/4 yard chiffon or cotton batiste for the fichu
- Matching thread

Carpatina patterns are intended for personal use. They can also be used for small scale business as long as you credit us for the pattern design such as "Made using a Carpatina Pattern" listed on your websites, Ebay or similar selling sites.