Paletot Jacket and Hat - Multi-Sized Pattern PDF or Print

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PATD16 ~ Paletot Coat & Hat (c.1870s) 
Paletot is a coat fastened in the front and shorter than the skirt that's worn under it. Popular in the 19th century, paletots are either fitted at the waist or loose in front and fitted in the back.

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Pattern multi-sized for two popular 18" Dolls: 
~ for American Girl Dolls and Gotz
~ for the slim Carpatina Dolls and Kidz n Cats
This professionally made sewing pattern includes photos and instructions.

Difficulty Level: Medium 

Materials Needed
- 1/3 yard main fabric (velvet, wool or cotton)
- 1/3 yard lining
- 1 yard decorative trim (gimp was popular)
- 1 yard lace and ribbons for hat
- Snaps or buttons for closure
- Matching thread

Dress forms  Paletot Jacket and Hat - Multi-Sized Pattern PDF or Print  and Petticoat  Paletot Jacket and Hat - Multi-Sized Pattern PDF or Print

Carpatina patterns are intended for personal use. They can also be used for small scale business as long as you credit us for the pattern design such as "Made using a Carpatina Pattern" listed on your websites, Ebay or similar selling sites. 

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