Yuan Dynasty Doll Outfit

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Ana Ming stood amid a whirl of colorful people, exotic animals, and gorgeous goods. Transported to the glories of the Yuan Dynasty in China, she now soaked in the delights of the capital's city vast marketplace.

In the midst of the din, Ana Ming was startled to hear a European voice. She turned to take in an older man wrapped in a traveling cloak."Yes, it would indeed be an honor to meet Kublai Khan," he was saying to his younger companion. "However, with our translator gone, we have little hope of doing business with the great Emperor. And where else can we hope to find someone who speaks both the language of Ta-tu and Venice?" He paused and then asked, "Do you have any ideas, my son?"
Ana Ming smiled to herself. Thanks to her magical moonstone, she instantly understood any tongue when she ventured into the past.
She stepped forward. In the Venetians' language, she said, "Perhaps I can be of assistance?"
Once over their astonishment, the Venetians gladly accepted her offer. And Ana Ming was glad to make it. Not only would she be helping these strangers, she was going to meet the famous Kublai Khan!
But one more surprise awaited. Bowing to Ana Ming, the younger man expressed his thanks again. "You are too gracious, my lady. You shall ever have my gratitude. When I return to my country, I shall tell people how a lovely maiden assisted the humble traveler, Marco Polo."

A0001 - Yuan Dynasty Outfit
Includes: Brocade coat, brocade skirt, shoes, hair comb 

Does Not fit American Girl dolls. 

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