Zoe 18 inch Slim Doll

  • $128.00

With gleaming long blonde hair, sapphire eyes, and rosebud lips, Zoe has heard often enough that she should be a model. 
But along with her best friend Erin, she aspires to be the creator of fashion, not just the wearer. 
Zoe loves vintage styles, which she artfully combines with modern fabrics to turn out one-of-a-kind outfits. 
Employing a magical moonstone, she and Erin return to the past to explore the styles and personalities they adore. Every adventure brings a fresh inspiration!

ZOE00 - Zoe Doll 
~ 18" slim all vinyl body, highlights blonde hair, closing blue eyes 
~ Dressed in Camisole and panties, she is ready to wear outfits she designed 
~ Comes in a Blue Presentation Box

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